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Fast Cars, Furious Writers: Window Shop with Car and Driver – Car and Driver

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We attempt to cast the next Fast & Furious movie with some wacky used cars.
Theoretically, the tenth movie in Universal Studios’ The Fast and the Furious franchise will be the last. Yeah, don’t believe that. As long as Vin Diesel is healthy and these things are profitable, Universal is going to keep churning them out. If putting a Fiero into space isn’t too absurd for The Fast and the Furious, nothing will kill the franchise.
That reality leads to this episode of Car and Driver’s oh-so-wacky

Window Shop. The challenge this time was to find a car to include in the next F&F film. Or the 30th or the 100th.
Join the Zoom-addicted gang as they propose intriguing or stupid (or both) cars to be featured in a series about street racers who stole VCRs in the first film, and are now superheroes who can’t be harmed by mere physics.
Leading the show is editor-in-chief Tony Quiroga who also sets the rules, the challenge and the budget. And who, despite those advantages, rarely wins. He’s joined by executive editor K.C. Colwell who has a beard, senior editor Elana Scherr who has the best fingernails, most-favored contributor Jonathon Ramsay who is kind of cuddly, and Road & Track senior editor John Pearley Huffman who just won’t go away.
There’s a budget. There are cars. Have some time to blow? Blow it this way.

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