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What Makes The Mercedes-Benz AMG One Worth $2.7 Million – HotCars

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The highly anticipated AMG One will finally be available this year.
With the rise in the number of companies manufacturing fast cars, seeing Mercedes-Benz arrive a little late in the game is a bit unorthodox. It seems as if the car manufacturer from Germany took its time and worked with patience to get this 'One' done.
The Mercedes-Benz AMG Project One is the latest hypercar flagship from Stuttgart. Announced to be sold in 2022, it is clearly not the first car carrying the three-headed star logo on its front to break the 200 mph barrier, however, it certainly looks rather astonishing on the road. This is a project that Mercedes-Benz spent considerable time and money on during development, and for that reason, they are placing a hefty price tag to buy it.
When Mercedes-Benz wishes to add fire to one of its production cars, they call on AMG. This mutual-benefit partnership started in 1999 as a way for Mercedes-Benz to pay tribute to the heritage of its high-performance cars.
Mercedes-AMG started as an independent engineering company that specializes in performance improvement. Following official registration as one of Mercedes-Benz group’s subsidiaries, Mercedes-AMG applied a strategy of taking certain production cars and providing them with a face-lift to add a powerful look. Furthermore, cars that show the AMG logo are usually powerful 6-cylinder engines or higher with customized performance modifications.
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Despite the existence of several powerful Mercedes-Benz built vehicles, the German car manufacturer never had a direct approach to a hypercar. There was the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR in 1998 which was a Le Mans special edition, and the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren in 2003, better known as the fastest automatic car at that time according to Jeremy Clarkson. Either way, the Mercedes-AMG One can very well be considered the first candidate from Stuttgart – in a hopefully long hypercars list – that is built to go beyond 200 mph comfortably.
Unveiled in 2017 at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany, it appears that Mercedes-Benz regarded their dominance on Formula-1 tracks as something to take to the road. Under the aerodynamic body, the Mercedes-Benz One holds features that are largely derived from Formula-1 technology. It should be interesting to mention that a lead consultant on development of the Project One was none other than Mercedes-Benz pioneering F1 driver Lewis Hamilton.
Beginning from the outside, the Mercedes-AMG One has an astonishingly aesthetic exterior. This eye-catching head-turner endured long hours inside the wind tunnel for it to come out so exquisitely designed. Mercedes-Benz revamped the upward directed wing doors in the SLR McLaren. In this case, more of the same is to be applied with the two upward opening wing doors, with finite craftwork done on the stitching.
Now to the 1.6-Liter V6 1000 hp F1-based engine. The engineers at Mercedes-AMG decided to place the advanced motor right at the middle for improved weight distribution. This powerful hybrid motor is powered by a turbocharger, an energy recovery and allocation system, and not one, not two, not three, but FOUR electric motors, working simultaneously to save energy, recharge, transfer power, and provide needed traction for maximum performance. It is a complex system that Mercedes-AMG takes pride in.
When asked about Mercedes-AMG groundbreaking engines, Michael Kübler – a Lead Engineer at Mercedes-AMG – said
AMG is about courage, intensity, character, driving performance. It’s about knowing what you want and having the will to go after it and prevailing in the end. And, of course, it’s about the best engines in the world.
Motoring fans can bask in comfort, knowing that Mercedes-Benz unveiled so many concept cars, that – if brought to life – will surely present an exciting automotive challenge to other car manufacturers.
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Much like the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, the Pagani Huayra R, and the Gordon Murray T.33, the Mercedes-AMG One comes into existence with a pre-limited line of produced vehicles: 275 is the exact number for the Project One. Car analysts suggest that the cause of the price tag may be mainly due to Project One’s limited production, its F1-derived build, and its engineering masterpiece.
In terms of limited production, when a car company announces that a certain model will be produced in limited numbers, this adds a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) element, creating a must-have desire for those deep-pocketed individuals and automotive enthusiasts. Certainly, cunning car owners can always refer to auctions to resell their cars, thus receiving even higher bids than what they had originally paid before. Mercedes-AMG announced that it will build only 275 Project One hypercars. Despite the price tag, it is rumored that some people have requested for special editions, however, it is unclear if there ever will be a special edition Project One.
On to Formula-1 based build, the Project One has interesting noticeable features added to it. For example, on the front, there are two large air-galloping intakes on each end. There are airway-channeling fins on top and lower sides of the car, a large intake up above, and a rear piece below that – on some vehicles – benefits from an assisting spoiler. The Project One is expected to be mind-blowingly agile.
Now the performance part. Despite that so many Mercedes-AMG modified cars have bigger engines than the Project One’s 1.6-Liter V6, the trickery lies within the usage of the power. Bearing in mind that the car is a hybrid-powered 1000 horsepower producing monster, and it has complex energy-sparing algorithms running inside the car’s computer. The strongly definitive factor is in fact the power to weight ratio. The Mercedes-AMG One weighs 2,640 lbs, which is 1,720 lbs less than a Chiron Super Sport, and 300 lbs pounds heavier than a Huayra R. Remarkably though, each one of those hypercars has a more powerful engine than the Project One’s motor, however, numbers show that with the engine the Project One has, the 8-speed gearbox, and its gracious exterior figure, the Mercedes-AMG One might just do well in a drag race between all three giants.
It is understandable if the number $2.7 million feels a bit out of reach, but don't worry. Mercedes-AMG made a sweet deal with Forza Horizon 5 (the video game) to feature the Project One as the main car, a move that – aside from the video game’s insane graphics – saw clear boosts in sales for the racing game. Playing the game feels 100% real, especially if the console is aided by a connected steering wheel.
If gaming is still not it, then following auction calls is probably the possible solution, to wait for one of the owners to sell their car, but truth to be told, that is highly unlikely. The undeniably beautiful tamed beast will surely be hard to let go.
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