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Here's What Makes The Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar So Special – HotCars

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Only 275 units of the hypercar will be produced, and they’ve all been spoken for.
Mercedes-Benz is one of the most recognizable brands of all time. The luxury automaker has been making rides since 1926, and its products have since become not only a status symbol, but also shining examples of how premium cars should be made. Mercedes-Benz has a presence in just about every vehicle category, but it has extended even further in recent years.
One example of the company’s expansion attempts is the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar. This car comes from the AMG division of the company, which focuses on performance cars. The Mercedes-AMG One is a hypercar, which is in stark contrast to the automaker's other rides. Of course, Mercedes makes sports cars that are relatively fast, but hypercars are more about raw power and less about luxury.
The hypercar was unveiled in 2017 at the International Motor Show in Germany. Just 275 units of the Mercedes-AMG One are being made, and they've all been sold for $2.72 million per car. As that hefty price tag suggests, this is a special ride that may be a game changer for the company and the Hypercar industry at large.
The all-new Mercedes-AMG One is a game changer before it's even officially on the market. A 1.6-liter V6 hybrid engine powers this road-ready formula-1 car. It has direct injection and an electric turbocharger, paired with four electric motors for an output of 603 horsepower. The combined horsepower for the Mercedes-AMG One is more than 1,000 horses, according to Mercedes. It also has an 800-volt EQ Power+ drive system. This system allows for multiple driving modes ranging from all-electric to what the automaker calls “highly dynamic.”
The transmission on this hypercar from the AMG division of Mercedes-Benz is an automated AMG SPEEDSHIFT 8-speed manual. The One also comes with adjustable ESP with on, which helps with stability control in practically all driving conditions. You also get sport handling and OFF modes as an added safety feature. These features are essential when it comes to cars as fast as these.
Speaking of speed, the all-new Mercedes-AMG One maxes out at over 217 miles per hour. In terms of acceleration, it can go from 0 to 124 miles per hour in only 6 seconds. This acceleration time is super impressive, and these aren’t speeds meant for all car buyers, which is one of the reasons vehicles such as the One are produced in extremely limited numbers.
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Hypercars tend to feature unique designs that help the car achieve such extreme speeds. Notably, One has a striking appearance that makes it stand out from the rest in ways that will ensure that the Mercedes-AMG One is talked about for decades to come. The hypercar's design also features several air inlets, 10-spoke forged aluminum wheels, and the overall proportion is simply magnificent, giving the car a dramatic but simple look. This car also comes with flat LED lights that bare the AMG logo.
The interior of the Mercedes-AMG One is also a bit different from what's obtainable in most hypercars. These cars are minimalistic and simple, to allow for a low overall weight. This is true for the One, but since it’s still a Mercedes, the automaker threw in a few bells and whistles that not all hypercars have. With the One, buyers get two ten-inch displays, with one fitted above the steering wheel, while the other is in the center of the dash. Also, the steering wheel is a Formula-1 wheel with integrated controllers. The inclusion of a racing steering wheel makes this car feel a great deal more realistic. The Mercedes-AMG One is an astoundingly beautiful car that is a well-thought-out option for the hypercar market.
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Although incredibly awesome, most hypercars are not great for the environment. This issue is one of the significant arguments many people have against them. However, options like the Mercedes-AMG One seek to change that perception and hopefully show other automakers that there are environmentally friendly ways to achieve massive levels of power.
Not only is the One a speedy ride, but it’s also stunning and unique for a hypercar. Unfortunately, several hypercars end up looking the same due to the automakers' goal of making them as small as possible. However, Mercedes-AMG took some daring risks with the One, and the result came out to be a car that truly sets the tone for what these ultra-powerful rides can be.
The One from Mercedes-AMG isn’t a car you’ll soon see at the grocery store or simply driving around town, but it is worth its lofty price tag. The typical Mercedes buyer probably won’t be interested in this car, but the fact that it’s already sold out shows how big the hypercar market has become.
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