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Fast & Furious: Ranking The Coolest Cars Driven By Dom Worst To Best – HotCars

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Dominic Toretto has been behind the wheel of virtually every cool muscle car featured in the Fast and Furious movies…and plenty of sick supercars.
The Fast & Furious is of the most famous movie series of all time. The first Fast and Furious movie was almost named Redline, yet the title is now iconic across the world as the quintessential car movie franchise every gearhead should watch.
The 1970 Dodge Charger and Lykan Hypersport in F7 are some of the most iconic cars featured in the movies, and the one thing all of these monsters have in common is that they're driven by the show's main protagonist—Dominic Toretto.
A strong and masculine character, Dominic's car choices also reflect his personality in the movie. Having a mechanic-like knowledge and an unconditional love for muscle cars, we rarely saw Dom in any other makes outside of American muscle. Below is our ranking of the coolest and most iconic cars Dom has driven.
This Dodge Charger SRT-8 makes its first appearance when Brian, Dom, Roman, and Han steal four Police Chargers from the Police station. Later on, two Chargers are painted black and undergo some modifications necessary to pull a safe from a police station. Apart from this, Dom’s Charger also had a NOS system which helped him take on the vault alone.
The Charger SRT-8 is a powerhouse with a 425-hp 6.1-liter V8 engine, making it a perfect fit for pulling off the vault. Dom is all about muscle cars, and featuring a modern muscle wasn’t disappointing.
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In a series running 9 movies long, this is the very first time we see Dom and his crew in action, and what a way to start! It’s almost dark, and a truck full of electronic goods drives on an empty highway. Suddenly, four identical Black Honda Civics appear in your rearview mirror out of nowhere.
The four Civics were all murdered out with tinted windows and neon green underglow. This scene serves as a significant entry point into the way the group works and sets the tone for the movie.
The red car used by Dom to jump between buildings is none other than the Arabian hypercar Lykan Hypersport. While the car in the film was just a stunt replica of the Lykan Hypersport, it still holds an important place in the market. There are only seven Lykan Hypersport models in existence worldwide.
The stunt car carried a 300-hp flat-six engine from a Porsche Boxster. They needed ten replicas of the Lykan Hypersport to perform all the stunts in the movie, out of which only one survived and, later on, they auctioned it.
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Dom has a special bond with the Dodge Charger, and we get to see another one of these gems in F9. Dom drives the 1966 Dodge Charger Hellacious, challenging his brother Jakob to a drag race. The Dodge Charger Hellacious is one of the costliest expenses done for any car in the series, setting the production crew back 1 million dollars.
Also, it has been modified to feature a mid-engined layout. Behind the driver's seat is a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 Hellcat engine that makes around 707 horsepower.
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How can we overlook the red Mazda RX-7 driven by Dom in the first car race against Brian, Danny, and Edwin? Dom’s RX-7 took the crown as soon as he released the four bottle NOs to the engine.
Dom's Mazda RX-7 comes with a legendary twin-turbo rotary engine, stock suspensions, four bottles of NOS, and aluminum struts, making it unique on the list. The engine produces 252 horsepower and 217 lb-ft of torque. Apart from this, the rear wing and the red paint scheme with decals look fabulous!
We have seen the Plymouth Road Runner many times in the Fast saga. The car holds special meaning for Dom and Han. The car was a gift to Dom from Han, and it makes its first appearance in Tokyo Drift in gray paint with black wheels.
While there were multiple Road Runners in the film, the one Dom drove in Tokyo drift is called Hammer. It is one of the most famous Road Runners on the planet, which is a custom pro tourer with an aluminum 3rd generation Hemi engine.
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It is one of the rarest and most expensive cars featured in the movie. Tej bought this irresistible muscle car from the auction along with other beauties. And how can we forget the crazy calculations by Dom hitting the Daytona on the rail and jumping on the other side to save Letty?
The Dodge Charger Daytona is a rare icon of the muscle car world boasting up to 425 hp from the 426 Hemi V8. Notably, the Daytona used in the movie had a shorter wing and shorter nose than the original Daytona.
As seen in the New York scene where Dom came to steal Russian nuclear codes, the Plymouth GTX is undoubtedly one of our favorites. The best part is when Dom is up against all the family members making the scene six vs. one, which still isn’t enough to defeat the GTX's incredible power output. It amuses us every time we watch it.
The GTX featured in this movie is the third generation. It came with three engine options, but the best one is 426 Hemi, generating 426 horsepower and 490 lb-ft of torque. The exact power outputs from the car in the movie are unknown; however, hobs and other family members were convinced that Dom’s GTX had over 2000 horses.
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We can see the Chevrolet Chevelle SS in multiple scenes and is very special to Dom. In the post-credit scene of The Fast and the Furious, Dom drives a red Chevelle SS in Baja, Mexico. The car featured again in the 4th movie of the franchise multiple times, this time with a gray paint job in the race against Braga.
We often observe Dom working on the Chevelle, but after watching it in action twice, once in the race, and once when running Braga's job, Dom intentionally blows it up along with other cars to create a distraction. Sadly, that's the end of the iconic Chevelle SS as Dom's car.
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The Charger R/T needs no introduction. If you are a fan of Fast and Furious, you already know the place this car holds in Dominic’s heart. It is a sign of his father’s outstanding achievement of covering a quarter-mile in 9 seconds and the tragic accident that took his father’s life.
We can see Dom sporting some iteration of the Charger in all his movies, but this is the one that started it all. This is the definitive car of Dominic Toretto, and we can't talk enough about that epic quarter-mile drag race between his 900-hp Charger and Brian's Supra. In a word, legendary.
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