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Jerry Seinfeld Gives His Vintage Fiat a Spin for AUTOMOBILE Magazine: Seinfeld is Guest Columnist in June Issue of AUTOMOBILE Magazine – PR Web

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    In the June issue of AUTOMOBILE Magazine, Jerry Seinfeld takes his 2-cylinder, 18-horsepower 1967 Fiat Cinquecento for a ride. In his piece, the legendary comedian and car guy touches on the previous Fiats he's owned, the difference between Fiats and more stately Italian cars, and what he plans to do to soup up a car that boasts as much power as a bicycle.
— Seinfeld has owned three Fiats: a 1973 128SL (his first car), a '74 124 sedan, and a '68 850S sedan.
— Seinfeld is a collector of classic cars–mostly Porsches–but he is no stranger to Italian automakers.
— The Fiat is tiny enough to fit like a suit of armor, but Seinfeld says it is an absolute blast to drive, with fantastic steering and sweet handling. And best of all, everything on it works.
Attribute to Jean Jennings, Editor-in-Chief of AUTOMOBILE
"Jerry's enthusiasm is infectious, and, not surprisingly, his writing is hilarious."
AUTOMOBILE Magazine, part of SOURCE INTERLINK MEDIA, has a circulation of 550,000 and a total readership of 3.6 million. Recipient of more editorial awards than any other major automotive publication, AUTOMOBILE Magazine is designed to appeal to the interests of passionate automotive enthusiasts. Its diverse editorial mix includes behind-the-wheel experiences in the world's most fascinating cars, as well as personalities, travel destinations, automotive art, vintage cars and industry trends. SOURCE INTERLINK MEDIA is a division of Source Interlink Companies, Inc., (NASDAQ: SORC), a media and marketing services company. Source Interlink ( is one of the largest publishers of magazines and online content for enthusiast audiences and a leading distributor of home entertainment products, including DVDs, music CDs, magazines, games, books and related items.
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