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The Tiny Kilow La Bagnole Is A Funky-Looking Jeep-Vibing Micro EV – HotCars

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Kilow’s little 770-lb micro-EV has serious Willys Jeep vibes and is perfect for little journeys in the countryside.
When it comes to the size of current automobiles, it is probably fair to say that they are getting bigger and bigger. In fact, we know they are. Cars these days just seem to grow every year, with more and more SUVs coming out, but with regular cars also taking on much bigger body shapes. There is a place for smaller cars. That’s where the rather quirky La Bagnole micro EV from the Kilow company comes in. This is an electric vehicle unlike any other.
This is a little car from a French company that on the face of it gives off serious Willys Jeep vibes. The front grille design and the overall shape certainly make it look like a Jeep. This is not really a car that you are going to use for daily driving or long-distance road trips. This is very much aimed at those who perhaps live in quiet suburban areas or in the countryside to potter about to a local store or perhaps get around short distances without walking but also without using a main car.
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Don’t think of this little machine as an alternative to a car or something. Think of it as perhaps an alternative to a scooter or motorcycle. An eco-friendly alternative as well. The company says that this little car is perfect for country roads, and it would look right at home in the French countryside. It can also go off-road, so it is very much channeling the spirit of the Jeep, which is just as well given how much it looks like one. It can go over all sorts of trails but don’t go too extreme.
One of the advantages of the La Bagnole is that you do not need a driver's license for it. Of course, individual legislation in various countries might be a little different, but for the most part, people should be able to enjoy some driving without the need of a license. Plus, you won’t be going too far in it either. In any case, the speed of the La Bagnole is quite limited to just 29 mph for the entry-level version. However, if you get the more powerful variant of the La Bagnole you can get up to a dizzying 50 mph.
At the heart of the La Bagnole is a rather interesting set of battery specification. Under the hood is a smaller entry-level battery that provides 43 miles of weight, and overall the little creation weighs in at just 770 lbs or 350 kg. So it is not heavy at all. The larger battery pack though is actually quite impressive. For such a small vehicle, you will be able to get some 87 miles of range out of your little micro-Jeep EV.
Considering the journeys most people will go on with this little vehicle, it will probably be a while before it needs charging up, when you do get the battery low enough. Unfortunately, we don’t have any details right now on how fast it is to charge up the La Bagnole. While it is clearly a cute little thing, the La Bagnole has a level of practicality about it as well. The company says that you can get up to 330 lbs or 150 kg worth of stuff into the truck bed of the little EV. That roughly equates to two adults worth of baggage or tools. So it is pretty impressive.
While it might have more limited use in the USA, you won’t be paying a fortune for this. Providing you do get a lot of use out of it, you could pick up the La Bagnole for just Euros 9,990 or $9,800. So, it probably isn’t going to break the bank by any means. What’s more, you can drive around in it knowing you are in quite a cute and wonderful little vehicle. Plus, it's one that seems to be quite practical as well, something micro cars can sometimes struggle to be.
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It’s a very minimalistic vehicle with a plain interior, showing just the speed and the charge levels, but that is exactly what this vehicle is about. It is all about being minimalistic and understated, and it's not trying to be a supercar or a bigger EV. Likewise, it is of course designed for local exploration and just having a steady run out into nearby places, not long-distance traveling. The fact it has a Jeep-like design is a bit of a bonus, and it does look quite at home on the off-road trail and sat in the countryside.
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