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6ft NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt Jr Left “Big Guy” Shaquille O’Neal Cursing His Height in Battle for Survival – EssentiallySports

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Shaquille O’Neal, the Los Angeles Lakers legend was not only limited to on-court appearances during his playing days. The 7-foot-tall behemoth had an amazing personality and it translated well everywhere. The Lakers no. 34 appeared in a lot of places including a NASCAR track with a legend of the sport. What happened next is what any O’Neal fan would expect but onlookers would find funny.
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The Basketball legend back in 2010 met with Dale Earnhardt Jr., traveling quite a few laps on the NASCAR track. Saying that the experience blew him away, would be an understatement.
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O’Neal’s charming personality is the best piece of television there can be. The 7-foot-tall legend has appeared on numerous Television programs and is currently a basketball pundit on TV. The Lakers legend appeared on MTV Rock n Jock back in 1997, having a blast with his fellow celebrities. Safe to say, Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t alter his personality for the camera and gives a piece of his mind whenever he wants.
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The 15-time All-Star once recalled his trip to the NASCAR tracks with Dale Earnhardt Jr. to shoot for the reality TV show “Shaq vs.”. O’Neal left the place with huge respect for the NASCAR legend and other NASCAR drivers as well.
“Whoever said these guys aren’t athletes are out of their minds,” the NBA legend had said. That was the toughest three hours I’ve ever had in my life. I was fitted for a car, me and Dale raced 50 laps, and I slept for two days after that. I really did,” he added.
"We're gonna miss you brother."@SHAQ shares his #Appreci88ion for @DaleJr.
— NASCAR (@NASCAR) November 15, 2017

The Los Angeles Lakers legend was terrified of the heat and the confined space. Given that NASCAR cars are not really made for people who are 7 ft tall. He said, “You’ve got to be small. I don’t think a big guy like me would really survive out on the track. You’ve got to be smaller.” 
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The NASCAR cars have an average speed of 200 mph on the tracks, continuously. O’Neal being the huge athlete that he is, has the right to be terrified of moving at such speeds.
The four-time NBA champion is a huge car enthusiast. The Big Diesel has one of the most outrageous car collections in the entire world, with about 30 cars in his garages.
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The garage in his mansion is supposed to hold 17 cars, all at once. Safe to say, his being afraid of fast cars, is a little ironic.
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