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The Streets of Milan 2018 – Motor Trend

by Oct 29, 2022Blog0 comments

MILAN, Italy — There are more Fiats than Ferraris on the streets of Milan, but you can also find plenty of interesting rides and a few head scratchers too.
The northern Italian city is famous for design, fashion, and its Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral—which is definitely worth adding to your must see list.
We stayed mainly in the Brera district of Milan, a historic area full of shops, restaurants, and galleries that is located just outside the old city walls.
While most of the cars spotted were Italian, German, or French marques, it was a happy surprise to spot a pale yellow late 1960’s Chevrolet C20 pickup with white walls in pristine condition parked on the street.
Parking is tight all over and most locals prefer two wheels over four, and if they do own a car it tends to on the smaller side. The quadricycle Renault Twizy compact electric vehicle is popular and we caught a number of the two-seaters around town.
The pipsqueak plug-in has a range of about 62 miles and it makes a Smart car look big. It would make a great golf cart here in the U.S. if it only had space for a bag.
Vespas, scooters, and motorcycles  were also plentiful and parked neatly on sidewalks everywhere—I wish that was possible in cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles where it could free up more parking spaces for cars, trucks, and SUVs.
Still, it’s not for everyone and automobiles are still our favorite mode of transportation around these parts.
Check out the gallery below to see some of our favorite rides and one or two mystery vehicles from Milan.