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Inside Hasbulla's lavish life with private jets and fast cars – The Sun

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lavish life
Hasbulla’s  with private jets and fast cars
Social media star Hasbulla Magomedov has taken over the internet with his lavish lifestyle
The 19-year-old, who stands at 3ft 4in and has a genetic disorder that gives him childlike characteristics, recently signed a contract with the UFC
He has over four million followers on Instagram and gets thousands of likes and comments on each picture he posts
The viral internet sensation from Dagestan dubbed “Mini Khabib” has been pictured travelling the world while wearing designer clothes and jewellery
One post shows Hasbulla and former Russian professional mixed martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov riding on a jet ski
Hasbulla is also no stranger to luxury cars and private jets as several of his photos feature the vehicles, including one where the star poses next to an orange Lamborghini
Standing proudly in the doorway of a private jet he wrote “Private planes are already arriving for me”. A few more might arrive now he’s UFC’s newest star