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The Skill It Takes To Wrap This $3.5 Million Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Is Astounding – HotCars

by Nov 1, 2022Blog0 comments

Protective Film Solutions shows painstaking attention to detail when paint correcting and clear coating Bugatti’s flagship model.
When it comes to the subjects of NFTs, whether or not you believe in their legitimacy, some lucky few managed to achieve overnight wealth and amass all the consumerist goods their heart's desire. Like the owners of car-based NFT company, Hyper NFT, who managed to peddle enough tokens and acquire the uber-expensive Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport for a cool $3.5 million.
Already understanding the importance of protecting your investments and assets, Hyper NFT enlisted the professional services of Protective Film Solutions (PFS) to help protect the Bugatti with some serious, protective modifications. From a paint correction to a full body clear bra, PFS manages to restore the Chiron to showroom quality while simultaneously extending the life of the investment itself.
As the track-inspired version of the Chiron, we can't help but imagine Hyper NFT is taking the necessary steps to protect the car while using it for its intended purpose: a very expensive track day.
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Until recently, the excuse of "protecting an investment" managed to hold some water for car collectors obsessed with squirreling away their cars in a dark, climate-controlled garage, never to see the light of day again.
Nowadays, the modernization of protective solutions such as paint correction, clear coating, and ceramic coating doesn't allow car collectors any wiggle room for their hoarding tendencies. This is essentially exposing those who are true car enthusiasts from those that see cars simply as safe investments.
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Giving Hyper NFT some credit, their willingness to address protective modifications proves their intention to drive the cars, even if on a granular level. But we can't imagine they'd be willing to spend thousands of dollars, in addition to dozens of man hours for any other reason than to enjoy the car worry-free.
As we make our way through the day with PFS, we come to appreciate the focus and concentration these techs need to handle the tedious work without having a panic attack. Although this is a job an everyday backyard mechanic can tackle, it's best to leave it for the professionals, unless you enjoy throwing away a few hundred dollars trying to wrap the car and end up entangled in a sticky mess — something a handful of us here at HotCars understand all too well.
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