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10 Must-Have Features To Look For In An Affordable Sports Car – HotCars

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If you’re looking to break records on the track without breaking the bank, here are 10 features every sports car should have.
Sports cars may be getting smaller engines, but they still manage to pack a punch. In addition to this, automakers around the world have expanded their range, allowing sports cars to be more affordable than ever before.
This extended range of vehicles has created an entirely new segment of the market. This segment is aimed at people who want something fun to drive on the weekends even though they may not have the budget for a Porsche or McLaren just yet. However, these affordable sports cars can still come with the power, comfort, and features that you can expect from any premium sports car.
Interested in getting a new sports car? Here are 10 features that you should make sure that your new sports car comes with.
One of the most important features that gearheads always seem to look for in a sports car is a manual gearbox. Despite the manual transmission being less efficient and less powerful than some of the modern automatic versions, there’s just something special about the manual gearbox that does not seem to be going away anytime soon.
The manual gearbox offers a level of control over the car that enhances the entire experience behind the wheel. This feeling is the reason why automakers have developed Tiptronic gearboxes that give you the feeling of changing gears as you drive in sports mode. However, it does not come close to the real thing.
It’s no surprise that there are more smartphones in the world right now than there are people. While automakers have spent serious money developing innovative infotainment systems, they fail in comparison to what Apple and Google have produced with their smartphone integrations.
Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are seriously impressive pieces of software. This lets you mirror your phone’s display onto the infotainment system so that you can use the apps that you love the most. This is another major feature that some automakers charge extra for but is worth it for anyone looking to buy a new car.
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Gone are the days when you have to dim your headlights for oncoming traffic. Lighting technology has come a long way since then, making adaptive headlights a premium feature that you simply can’t live without anymore.
Modern sports cars come with adaptive headlights that also know when to turn on. This means that you don’t have to manually turn on your lights, and you never have to worry about forgetting to turn them off after you have parked your car. In addition to this, LED headlights may also be a vital add-on as these lights last longer and shine brighter than standard bulbs.
Yes, a sports car is designed to be quick and fun. However, fuel economy is still something that you should keep an eye on. This is because running a thirsty sports car can get quite pricey at times. Modern engines have been cut down in size but are tuned to produce incredible amounts of power.
This is evident by even some of the bigger brands embracing 4-cylinder engines for their performance cars. The real engineering is in how efficient the engine is, not necessarily how much space it takes up. In this way, look for something that can produce insane amounts of power, but efficiently so that you don’t have to fill up the tank every week.
One of the best ways that auto manufacturers manage to make sports cars more economical is through driver modes. These driver modes are essentially engine management modes mixed with a range of vehicle settings. In essence, you get to set the car up entirely with the push of a button.
While the sports mode traditionally stiffens the suspension and puts the engine into overdrive, the economy modes are incredibly important if you plan to use your sports car for city running. In some cases, sports cars can actually switch cylinders off within the engine in economy mode to help save on fuel.
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When it comes to performance cars, there is a big debate on which configuration is better. While some may argue that the all-wheel-drive architecture provides you with more grip and speed off the line, the other side argues that rear-wheel-drive cars are more fun to take on track.
This argument ends up being a personal choice, but modern sports cars tend to give you the best of both worlds. This is because some of them allow you to send power to the rear wheels to make the car more rear-biased. While this is a premium feature, it may be coming to affordable sports cars in the near future.
As mentioned above, a manual gearbox gives you a level of control that an automatic transmission simply can’t compete with. However, the closest thing you can get is a sports car with paddle shifters. This F1-inspired design is perfect for track days and gives you a race feel every time you get behind the wheel.
These paddle shifters are connected directly to the automatic gearbox and can shift incredibly quickly. The shifters are also linked to the driver mode, so they shift faster in sports modes compared to the economy mode. However, these shifters add a unique element to your sports car and make it tons of fun to drive.
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As with many motorsport leagues, it’s not just about how fast you can drive the car, it’s also about how fast of a car you can handle. This is why manufacturers have allowed you to configure settings within your car to set it up perfectly for your track day.
While premium GT cars let you change a whole host of features and settings, affordable sports cars still give you some options. This includes adjusting the suspension, the braking, and the engine management system. This is usually configured for you in sports modes, but some cars let you tweak it slightly to fit your driving style better.
While performance is incredibly important, safety is even more vital. This is one of the areas that automakers have been investing in heavily to help make driving safer than ever before. Thanks to new regulations, modern sports cars are safer than ever before.
There are a few convenience and safety features that are listed as options but should be added to any sports car you buy. This includes lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and emergency braking. This is to help you stay safe on the road, especially if you’re driving long distances.
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Whether you have a V10, V12, or a W16 under the hood, most people won’t really know the difference. However, a premium exhaust system has the ability to turn heads even if people don’t recognize what car you’re driving. That’s the power of a loud, strong exhaust note.
While it is true that modern sports cars are coming with muzzled, dampened exhaust systems, there are a few automakers out there still giving gearheads what they want. This is something you should pay attention to when choosing a sports car as the exhaust note is often the most appealing part of driving the car both on the road and on track.
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