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Car Type Personality Test: What Does Your Car Type Reveal About You? – Jagran Josh

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Everyone has a dream car. For some, it’s a luxury sedan having all the comforts of the world, and for others, it’s a two-seater sports car that would lift off if it went any faster.
The car of your choice can reveal a lot about your personality. In fact, studies have shown that the type of car you prefer to drive is directly influenced by your personality traits. It’s like the saying goes, your car is an extension of yourself.
Practical people prefer a car that ticks all the boxes, from good looks, great mileage, and neutral colours to a powerful engine. On the other hand, extroverts, who live a flamboyant lifestyle, drive cars that match their personality: bold, expensive, and fast.
So, what type of car do you drive? Is it a sports car, a powerful SUV, or perhaps a modest hatchback? Read on to find out how your preferred car type is linked to your personality.
Hatchback Car
Hatchbacks and other smaller cars are among the most common vehicles found on the road. Their small size is convenient for parking and slipping through traffic jams, and they offer better mileage.
Hatchback drivers take into account all the above factors, indicating that they are sensible and practical in nature. If you also prefer a hatchback car over others, it means you don’t care about others’ opinions and are content with your life.
You’d rather drive a low-key yet efficient car than show off an expensive one. The same holds true for your life as well. You spend to buy rather than buying to spend. You are composed, cool-headed, and optimistic. You are also carefree and friendly.
SUVs are some of the most powerful cars in the world. They are large in size, take up a lot of parking space, and offer poor mileage. However, SUVs convey power. If you like to drive SUVs, you are self-assured and dominant. You like to be in authority and love to command other people. Your car is another way of showing off your power.
SUVs are also more secure and have better road visibility. If you choose it for that reason, it shows that you don’t like unnecessary risks and are concerned about the safety of yourself and your loved ones.
Sports Car
Sports cars, that speed out of your sight moments after starting, symbolize an adrenaline junkie driver. If you have a sports car, you love challenges and risks. You like to live your life to the fullest as if each day is your last. You are also an extrovert and love to meet new people, attend parties and travel. You bask in attention. However, your risk-taking behaviour leaves a bad impression on others. You are considered reckless and even insane by people. But on the contrary, you have natural people skills and are a good leader.
Muscle Car
If you like speed and power but not sleek designs, chances are you drive a muscle car. But unexpectedly, muscle cars are preferred by introverts. If you like muscle cars, chances are you find comfort alone and aren’t a people person. You are reserved and quiet, which can rub people the wrong way sometimes. You are perceived as rude, but in reality, you are highly supportive and loyal. You also have high levels of creativity.
Sedans are the most sold cars in the world, and for good reason. They are fast, luxurious and spacious. They have a bit of everything and are best suited for professionals. If you like sedans, you are a rational and logical person. You rarely give in to your feelings and remain stoic most of the time. However, in your personal life, especially in relationships, you are caring, kind, and loyal. You are outgoing and extroverted. You also have great leadership and managerial skills, which enable you to succeed quickly in your career.
Vintage Car
If you like and drive vintage cars, you are a rare breed. It indicates your compassion and loyalty. You’d rather maintain and drive a 50-year-old car than buy something modern. You probably aren’t too environmentally conscious, but you are otherwise quite caring and empathetic. You have a passion for the arts, and your go-to hang-out place is probably an art gallery or a museum. You are also easy to work with and have an unconventional outlook on life.
So, now that you’ve learned how cars and personality are closely interlinked, did you find some insight into your own personality?
If not, remember that no personality test is 100 per cent true. Every individual is unique, and some just can’t be categorised into predefined personalities. Stay tuned for more personality tests, and in the meantime, check out the ones below.
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