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FILE – A formerly sunken boat stands upright into the air with its stern buried in the mud along the shoreline of Lake Mead at the Lake Mead National Recreation Area on June 22, 2022, near Boulder City, Nev. The U.S. Interior Department announced, Friday, Oct. 28, 2022, that it will consider revising a set of guidelines for operating two major dams on the Colorado River in the first sign of what could lead to federal action to protect the shrinking reservoirs behind them.
I will be so pleased when the midterm elections are over. Don’t get me wrong. I am proud to be an American and I always vote. But I never form my opinions on candidates from media advertising. In fact, the “mute” button on my TV remote has become my best friend when the “hate ads” pop up on my TV screen. I try to remind myself of the line in the poem, “Desiderata,” written about 100 years ago, when the author, Max Ehrmann, states, “Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are a vexation to the spirit.” Good advice.
Doug Wingert
Northeast side
Politics aside, why would Kari Lake make a joke about another human being attacked in their own home by a deranged intruder. Mr. Pelosi is recuperating in the ICU in a San Francisco hospital with a fractured skull. I wish him a speedy recovery. What ever happened to decency, morals, and loving thy neighbor. Again, and in all honesty, politics aside.
John (Jay) Van Echo
West side
The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on college affirmative action cases. Here is what many people don’t understand. The issue isn’t about affirmative action. It isn’t about treating everyone the same. It isn’t even about equal opportunity for everyone. What it is about is gathering the widest possible number of perspectives by having people of different races, different religions (or none), different sexes, different nations, different cultures, talk with one another, get to know one another, and learn from one another. None of us is as smart as all of us.
Dennis Widman
Green Valley
Possibly the most consequential moment of our age is upon us. With truth having fallen victim to the paradigm of relativism, a stance that has become de rigueur for ideologues seeking cachet, the stakes have reached a maximum. This attractant of the disenfranchised, has found its home in the current populism-on-steroids environment. Unrestrained, proud ignorance on a grand scale has emerged as our greatest threat.
If this dangerous force prevails in the midterm election, this could be the beginning of the end event ─ the point of no return where countless destructive ideologies establish their beachhead.
What greater societal cost can we face than the demise of our democracy? To the truly undecided, I implore you to embrace the long view. Don’t let immediate sacrifices deter you. Vote as though our lives depend on it. They do. This could well be our last chance to retreat from the precipice looming before us. “Let us to it pell mell. If not to heaven then hand in hand to hell.”
Robert Gavlak
Oil companies report record net earnings in the third quarter 2022. Exxon Mobil had $20 billion in earnings and Chevron reported $11 billion.
Consumer advocates report that Target, CVS, Walmart and Costco are taking advantage of inflation and overcharging their customers.
Popular cars are being listed at +100% over MSRP. (e.g., Jeep Wrangler 124%, Porche 123%, Ford Bronco 122%)
Top economists estimate that up to 54% of inflationary price increase are due to corporate greed and the thirst for increasing profits.
And yet, some of the spending public is blaming the economic policies of the Democratic Party and President Biden for the assault on their household budgets.
Since it is impossible to vote Big Business out of office, we should replace the current party in the majority in Congress with the party historically linked to Big Business?
Joseph Kane
Oro Valley
A Republican voter recently touted to me the myth that the “2,000 Mules” film proved widespread voter fraud. The claims in the film were called “indefensible” by Attorney General Barr, but filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza claimed all evidence would be revealed in the follow-up book.
When the book was released it was immediately recalled for a “publishing error.” Upon its re-release however, the non-profits’ names were removed and the claims against them reduced from “vote trafficking” to “potentially storing ballots.” The executive producer of the film, True the Vote, disavowed any connection with the book to avoid lawsuits.
One has to wonder why, if D’Souza has evidence of widespread voter fraud, he did not go to the FBI instead of selling the films and books for a tidy profit?
Bruce Hilpert
North side
We are justifiably alarmed at a rate of inflation of 8.2% in the United States. However, I’d like us all to consider that inflation is not a national problem, it is a global problem. The rate of inflation in Argentina right now is 82.3%. Yes, you read correctly, 82.3%! Let’s work to make things better here, but at the same time let’s try to count our blessings.
Mirtha Nebeker
West side
Hooray for the Fed, finally maybe someone will step up to save the once-mighty Colorado River and save the hydro-power grid of the Southwest. These are the beginnings of desperate times. Someone needs to engineer a methodology for raising what’s left of the Colorado during the day with solar power and releasing it through those turbines at night. Those ranchers and farmers of the arid zone are going to have to face climate reality. They won’t be the last, though. All of the residents of this pricey real estate will eventually leave when temperatures don’t go below 100 during the night, the air’s filled with copper and uranium dust, and all the water is as poisonous as that tailings lake in Green Valley. So it will come to pass in the sacrifice zone.
Cynthia Duncan
The Republicans are waging war against the right to vote. Although there is no evidence, elections are denounced as fraudulent. They have a slate of election denying candidates on ballots across the country. These candidates are great at identifying the problems facing our country, but not so great at offering solutions. If elections are not the answer, what is their alternative? Perhaps they want government chosen by January 6th style insurrections, along with taking out those you disagree with politically. The attempt to kidnap and murder the governor of Michigan, and the attack on Paul Pelosi are chilling reminders of the far-right’s mindset. I want to remind the Republican voters out there that this could be the last free election if a majority of their candidates are elected. Be careful what you wish for. Our democracy is at stake.
Mary Zimmerman
The same politicians who have criminalized ordinary doctors and teachers for doing their everyday jobs could just as easily criminalize you for doing yours. Those who have robbed women of their rights, highjacked our taxes, pilfered our pensions, and stolen our children’s education could just as easily take away your rights and your future.
If you think your money, your status, or your white privilege will protect you from MAGA mayhem, think again. The gallows hanging outside the Capitol building on January 6 was also meant for former Vice President Pence.
If we fail to keep these extremists out of office, their next victim could be you.
Misty Atkins
Oro Valley
When Republican politicians like Blake Masters say they’ll make cuts to Social Security and Medicare, believe them. My husband and I both rely on Social Security income to afford to live and take care of our adult child who lives with severe disabilities ─ who also needs SSDI and Medicare. Sunsetting Social Security will enable Wall Street to gamble with our retirement ─ what will happen to families like mine?
To have a child who is so severely disabled, in a state and country that won’t provide the services to properly care for him, has made us dependent on our Social Security income. We are in our 70s, we can’t return to work, we need to be home 24/7 to care for our son. Without Social Security, we would likely end up homeless. How could you possibly take away our only source of income? What are we supposed to do?
Darlene Jones
East side
Open letter to Republican Voters,
There is really no need for you to make an effort to get to the polls this November. Relax, stay home, or enjoy an early dinner rather than rushing to the polls after work. Don’t worry — since your candidates will declare victory no matter what, they don’t really need your vote.
Claudia McKay
Green Valley
I was a Robson supporter in the primary election, not a Kari Lake fan. Since then, Katie Hobbs has managed to convince me to vote for Lake. Being afraid to debate Kari Lake proves to me she is a snowflake afraid of getting her feelings hurt or getting embarrassed. The governor has a tough job. Lots of people will not agree with you or treat you kindly. Working to reduce crime, make positive changes to the border disaster, address the illegal drug epidemic, and negotiating with cities, businesses, farmers, and the Tribes on how to improve our water issues will all require strong and forceful leadership. If she is afraid of a debate or worse, unsure of her ability to defend her positions in a debate, she doesn’t have what it takes to be my governor.
Cal Rooker
Northwest side
I’ve lived through times when gasoline prices have risen dramatically. America adapted to the new reality and moved on.
I’ve lived through times when inflation was high. Economic policies were instituted and inflation subsided.
There has never before been a time when there was not a peaceful transition of power following a presidential election. That is until Donald Trump decided that he would not adhere to that tradition. Instead, he and his supporters launched on extra-judicial campaign to overturn the results of the election. Their efforts culminated in the January 6th mob attack on the Capitol trying to prevent the counting of the votes of the Electoral College; they failed.
But now, in Arizona, we are presented with a Republican slate of candidates who are all election deniers; they are no different than those who stormed our Capitol. Arizona has the opportunity to show the nation and the world that we value our democracy over all else.
Thomas Hefley
East side
Re: the Oct. 26 letter “Immigrants vs. asylum seekers.”
The writer assumes that asylum seekers do not wish to become citizens. Recognizing that they may never be able to return home, they would seek citizenship if it were more possible. As a volunteer with Casa Alitas, I have learned much about the processes and the people.
Asylees seek a place of refuge fleeing oppression, violence (criminal and domestic), political and social oppression, gender violence and now climate change inducing hunger. Countries they have passed through are not offering asylum. Mexico grants a visa of only 7-15 days.
By law, they are entitled to entry only to begin a plea in court. Until they are granted asylum by the court, asylum seekers are not entitled to things the writer erroneously stated. No entitlement to health care, housing, food, education money, financial stipends. Vetted refugees who were admitted are entitled to such things.
There are important legal differences between refugee, immigrant and asylum seeker.
Barbara Lemmon
Green Valley
Let’s face it. The Republicans have produced a once-in-a-lifetime slate of horrible candidates for this year’s Arizona elections. Where to start? Lake and Masters have no political experience. They feel entitled to start at the top without working their way up and learning in the process.
To a person, they are election deniers, despite their own party’s audit of the state results. People detached from reality don’t make good policy.
Horne has a conviction for securities fraud and tickets for speeding in school zones, hardly a promising résumé for superintendent of schools. Finchem is tainted by his involvement in the January 6 insurrection.
They complain about inflation, crime, and immigration, but have no reasonable plan to deal with them.
In power, the Republicans have presided over a disastrous decline in our public schools and failed to address our water issues.
It’s past time for a change in Arizona. Let the Republican Party rest. Let them seek the better angels of their nature.
Tim Tilton
Imagine the consequences of the House under MAGA leadership. Speaker McCarthy will: appoint like-minded extremists (Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, etc.) to chair important committees; drop investigations by the Jan. 6 committee and the DOJ into the insurrection and other Trump treasonous atrocities (truth and our democracy would be at stake); allow paramilitary groups (Oath Keepers, etc.) to overtly participate as deemed necessary; totally eliminate women’s health care and reproductive freedom.
America’s economic model succeeds within our democratic framework of governance. This will change if MAGA Republicans gain control of Congress. Our economy will be shaped to benefit the few and powerful (minority), while the nation’s workforce (majority) will become subservient. Throughout our history, we’ve overcome economic hardships (inflation, higher food and energy costs, etc.) and have righted the ship.
Please consider not voting for any candidate endorsed by Trump. I implore my reasonable Republican and Independent friends to seek truth and vote for our better future. Our democracy is irreplaceable.
Ernest Saccani
Freedom (n.): The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. The Republican interpretation includes freedom to own assault-style rifles; Freedom to control women’s bodies; Freedom to support white Christian nationalism and the Great Replacement Theory; Freedom to flout the rule of law; Freedom to reject election results; Freedom to deride climate change as a hoax; Freedom to ignore facts and embrace conspiracy theories; Freedom to incite or condone violent domestic extremism; Freedom to plunder the planet and destroy the environment for financial gain; Freedom to discriminate against minorities and the disadvantaged; Freedom to cut taxes on the rich; Freedom to ignore the separation of church and state; and Freedom to flout the fundamental tenets of our democratic republic. A Republican vote is a vote for “Freedom” — their version, but certainly not mine.
Julian Donahue
It is disgraceful that Trump supporters find it necessary to threaten voters at drop boxes. Sitting there in tactical suits with AR-15 and pistols and following people is not observing. It is intimidation and is against the law. The Star would do well to photograph these people and publish the photos. These people are criminals and we the public deserve to know who they are.
David Moore
Congress needs to pass permanent protections for Dreamers. The October court ruling out of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals threatens nearly 700,000 young people who were brought to the U.S. as children and have been living and working in the U.S. for decades. We need a bipartisan compromise that would permit these Dreamers to remain here and continue to work, go to school, and stay with their families.
Dreamers contribute to the state economy by working, paying taxes, creating jobs, and spending in the U.S. marketplace. According to a study from a professor at the University of California—San Diego, the U.S. would lose $460 billion in gross domestic product without Dreamers. Passing permanent protections for Dreamers, on the other hand, is projected to increase our GDP by $1 trillion over a decade.
Passing permanent protections for Dreamers offers a rare bipartisan opportunity to boost our economy. Congress should take bipartisan action and pass bipartisan legislation without delay.
Lisa Nutt
East side
With Election Day fast approaching, if you haven’t voted yet, please vote for Corporation Commission candidates who want to do two important things: protect consumers by keeping utility costs low and protect our Arizona climate. The Republican candidates may whine about improving the “regulatory climate,” but they make no mention of actually regulating the utilities or protecting the Earth’s climate. Since solar and wind are now the cheapest sources of electricity, who wouldn’t want more of these in Arizona? Apparently not the big utility companies who want to do things their way or Republican ACC candidates Thompson and Myers, whose idea of regulation is to let the utilities do whatever they want! Candidates Kennedy and Kuby actually want to regulate the utilities to protect us and the climate with more solar and wind. That’s want we need, not whining and forgetting to regulate. Please vote for regulators who will do what’s best for us, not the utilities’ profits! Vote for Kennedy and Kuby.
Bruce Plenk, former solar energy coordinator for the City of Tucson and a solar consultant
Northeast side
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FILE – A formerly sunken boat stands upright into the air with its stern buried in the mud along the shoreline of Lake Mead at the Lake Mead National Recreation Area on June 22, 2022, near Boulder City, Nev. The U.S. Interior Department announced, Friday, Oct. 28, 2022, that it will consider revising a set of guidelines for operating two major dams on the Colorado River in the first sign of what could lead to federal action to protect the shrinking reservoirs behind them.
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