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Tesla Roadster 2.0: Light At The End Of The Tunnel? – TopSpeed

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With 2023 around the corner, is it finally time to get excited about the much-hyped Roadster 2.0?
With the sale of electric cars on the rise and the automotive industry moving into a new era, there is no shortage of brands that offer EVs. Gone are the days when cars from Tesla and models like the Toyota Prius ruled the market. Today, not only are there mainstream family cars and trucks available with an all-electric powertrain but automakers and startups are also starting to build fast electric supercars to entice the gearheads to the dark side.
Elon Musk revealed last year that over three years after it was due to be released, the new Roadster will be on the market in 2023. Having said that, the Roadster is probably Tesla's most delayed vehicle ever. When it was first unveiled in 2017, Musk boasted about its ability to reach 0-60mph in less than 1.9 seconds and reach speeds of up to 250mph. While it is not the first electric supercar, it is a highly anticipated release from Tesla. Rimac and Mercedes were the first to release their version of an electric supercar. Rimac released the Concept One in 2009, and Mercedes subsequently released the SLS Electric Concept in 2011.
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The original Roadster was Tesla’s first venture into electric cars and was released in 2008. The first-gen model was a car that personified what Tesla was bringing to the table. It caught everyone’s attention as it was the first electric car to cover 393 km (244 miles) on a single charge.
It had great speed. Its single rear-mounted electric motor put out 248 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque with 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds. Given how successful the original Roadster was, the new 2023 Tesla Roadster 2.0 is greatly anticipated. Well, the wait is almost over. Musk himself confirmed that the new Roadster will be released in 2023. Now the question remains, when in 2023?
When the Roadster concept car was unveiled, the specifications that Elon Musk dropped for it were show-stopping. A 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds, a top speed of over 250mph, and it can cover a ¼ mile in 8.8 seconds. Its 0-60mph is nearly half the time of the original Tesla Roadster’s 3.9 seconds, but it looks like it still does not beat its electric rival, the Rimac Nevera’s 1.85 seconds; however, the Roadster has a trick up its sleeve.
In true “Elon Musk” style, the Roadster is rumored to contain a SpaceX option that includes ten rocket thrusters. This extra feature will drop its 0-60mph time to a jaw-dropping 1.1 seconds. This time is unheard of for any vehicle, electric or gas-powered. The Tesla Roadster will also come with an all-wheel drive. This feature is not surprising as most models in Tesla contain this. While the horsepower hasn’t been revealed yet, the two electric motors will give it 7,376 pound-feet of torque.
Tesla announced that its Roadster 2.0 will be priced at $200,000, and a limited edition “Founders Series” version will be available for $50,000 more. While that is all the information Tesla has released so far, it will be interesting to see what more features the extra $50,000 will get you.
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With a 200kWh battery pack, the range was 620 miles, nearly double the length the original Roadster could complete, making it applicable for more extended driving, which some electric cars are not equipped for. Even the EV with the longest range in 2022, the Lucid Air Dream Edition R all-wheel drive, can only manage 520 miles.
It is important to note that 620 miles on the Roadster 2.0 will only be achievable with normal driving. If you were to drive aggressively, that range figure would obviously fall significantly. Tesla has yet to release information about how quickly the Roadster can charge, but it is a piece of information that consumers and potential buyers are eager to find out.
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The Tesla Roadster was due to be released in 2020, but after several delays, Tesla has now released that it will be in stores in 2023. Many factors contributed to the uncertainty of the Roadster. According to a post by CNBC, Elon Musk has blamed the global supply chain crisis, a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic that many businesses have had to deal with, as the main reason for the several postponements. Tesla has been inundated with supply chain issues since 2021, and this issue has been discussed on several earnings calls over the last year.
Musk stated that even if they had seventeen new products, none of them would be released due to shipping issues. Tesla is not the only automaker dealing with these issues. Toyota has cut its production number due to microchip shortages, and Ford has increased prices on its F-150 Lightning truck due to material supply issues.
When the Roadster 2.0 was revealed in 2017, they also unveiled the Tesla Semi. Like the Roaster, this truck has yet to start production. There are significant concerns about supply chain issues, mainly around the vehicle’s microchips and the modules that control the airbags. Both of which are integral to the cars. Due to the short supply of these critical materials, Tesla has limited production in California and Asia.
Tesla is trying to work through their supply issues by removing less-important parts that are proving difficult to acquire so that production can continue. While Elon Musk is not happy with reducing production, Tesla’s customers are also not impressed with the delays of the Roadster 2.0.
To reserve the Roadster 2.0, an initial payment of $5,000 and a wire transfer of $45,000 within ten days are needed. Customers who have paid this deposit to receive the tech giant’s new supercar have been waiting for up to five years with no specific date they will receive their purchase. Within that time, Tesla received a significant amount of money from willing customers with no return. While customers can obtain a refund until they sign the purchase agreement, which has yet to be sent out, Tesla has essentially received investor capital with no interest rate.
The revised Tesla Roadster, if anything like its concept, will usher in a new era for Tesla’s super fast cars. The Roadster 2.0 culminates the American Tech giants’ learnings over the past decade into one definitive model. While Tesla is preoccupied with producing its new Cybertruck, the upcoming Roadster is sure to succeed instantly.
If it includes the rumored SpaceX booster, Tesla will formally break into the number one spot in the electric supercar race with the new Roadster. Other automakers should be wary of its tremendous speed.