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The 10 Most Reliable Toyota Cars On The Used Market – HotCars

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These 10 cars are the reason Toyota is still the synonym for reliability.
Japanese products are associated with durability, practicability, and utility. Toyota is one proof of those qualities; just look at the firm’s cars that have penetrated every market. This global brand knows how to create four-wheeled masterpieces that are not just head-turners, but they're also reliable.
Toyota started as a looming business in the 1890s and diversified into making engines, with the aim of creating automobiles. That journey started in 1934 with the Type A engine, which two years later was loaded into the A1, a prototype sedan of the company.
The company's foray into the United States market in the late '50s was not successful but grasped success with the Corolla and Corona in the '60s. From then on, Toyota has become a global leader in car manufacturing, creating best-selling automobiles. Through ups and downs, the Japanese company stayed true to its motto of going to places. Their cars are now everywhere.
Prius is derived from the Latin word ‘superior,’ and it shows. It was the world’s first hybrid vehicle and is among the cleanest cars sold in the United States. There were no recalls for its 2021 model, and it earned a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
This trailblazing liftback is packed with advanced safety features like a pre-collision system, road sign assist, cyclist detection, and radar cruise control, among others. It has a compact hybrid system, making the vehicle more efficient and more reliable. The Prius knows what it’s doing.
There’s no need to explain why the Corolla is one of the world’s best-selling cars. Apart from its popularity, the Corolla takes the crown when it comes to reliability, too. It has been under production since the late ‘60s, stood the test of time, and remained a favorite among JDM lovers.
The 2021 has a comfortable ride and easy-to-use high-tech features that work together for a dynamic driving experience. Style and safety always accompany this model. Add to that a thrifty powertrain and drivers will get why this Japanese creation is popular.
This plug-in hybrid was made to impress. The Prius Prime is loaded with safety features spearheaded by the automatic brake system. It has an astonishing 640-mile driving range, compatible with drivers who want to go on and on.
Thanks to its lightweight design, the Prius Prime is more fuel-efficient than the regular Prius. That also helps with its confident handling on a twisty road. There were no recalls for the 2021 model, proving once more that Toyota is all about quality.
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Come and experience the wonder that is Camry. This mid-size car has been around since the early ‘80s and has made great strides in proving itself as a reliable family car. For a vehicle that wants to be fit for daily drivers, it exceeds expectations. Firstly, it has advanced safety features, which include an automatic emergency braking system, introduced in 2017 even before NHTSA mandated it for light vehicles.
This road-refined vehicle has an aerodynamic body from the front splitter to the rear window and an improved suspension system that provides an excellent ride and handling balance.
The 4Runner is an ideal off-road vehicle mainly because of its ability to conquer outdoor challenges thanks to a rugged 4-wheel drive system and generous ground clearance.
The cargo area is impressive, too, aside from its accommodating passenger space. Safety and reliability are commendable. In fact, J.D. Power gave it a reliability rating of 83 (out of 100). Fun to drive and easy to handle, the 4Runner is a strong off-roader.
Consumer Reports calls the 2020 Highlander a smart choice, thanks to its powerful V6 that complements the crossover’s new exterior design and accommodating cabin. Firstly, the SUV grew in size, making it more spacious and practical for families. Moreover, it has improved aerodynamics and stability.
It is packed with safety features that provide peace of mind. The Highlander is one of the first midsize models in the crossover scene and is one of Toyota's best-selling SUVs ever. No worries, no drama, just pure competence.
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For 2020, Tacoma got a fresh look. It has new wheels and grille that make it more commanding. There’s also an added power-adjustable driver's seat that makes for a comfortable drive. This pickup’s driving prowess is not only focused on its steering, handling, and stability, but also on its solid braking.
This vehicle is all about function and with that comes reliability. Consumer Reports recommends it for contractors and landscapers, but really, it’s for anyone who wants to get down and dirty off the road.
Car and Driver praised the Sienna for its versatility and functionality while Consumer Reports commended its powertrain. This fuel-efficient minivan became more dependable with the 2019 model, thanks to upgrades in its infotainment system and safety features.
The V6 is capable of zooming this car from 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds, and it boasts a smooth ride. The roomy Sienna makes for a great family vehicle that should prove very reliable.
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The word Yaris is derived from Charis, the Greek goddess of charm. It’s a perfect name for this Toyota vehicle that exudes quality. This affordable car is the one for cheap skates because it has low running costs and is fuel-efficient.
This subcompact delivers a sporty driving experience and solid steering, thanks to an improved suspension system. Safety is a priority, too, because the car is packed with high-tech features like the low-speed pre-collision system. Stable and safe, it’s a yes for Yaris.
This pickup truck is powered by a V8 which helps it zoom from 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds. For the 2018 model, Toyota discontinued the regular cab variant, as most everyone goes with the extended and crew-cab body styles for their greater passenger capacity.
Its strong pulling power is commendable, and it is capable off-road, making it an adept companion whatever the needs or road conditions. Consumers love its comfort and interior but mostly its reliability and performance. The truck is trustworthy, that’s for sure.