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Penny For Your Thoughts By: Nancy Whitaker
One of the things you always want kids to do and even reward them to do is to clean their rooms. Lots of times, my kids would hurriedly throw everything in a closet and shut the door. I had 3 girls and 1 son and the son, believe it or not, was the one who always had a clean room. 
A clean uncluttered home is great, but have you ever noticed how much “stuff” you can collect through the years? I think that sometimes a mess can be good especially if we are looking for something. You just know the item you want is probably in that messy area of the house. 
So, say you need the green shirt that you wore 3 days ago, a history book and your power drill. In most households, you’d be going three different spots to look for these items. In a messy household, there’s a good likelihood all of those things will be piled on top of a futon or chair that serves as the “current events desk”. 
Messy may be messy but it isn’t necessarily disorganized, but why bother rifling through your closet or your drawers when there are “only worn once” garments littering the floor of your room? Jump out of bed, grab the first garments you see as you groggily get up and throw them on for another day of barely functional living! I am really not encouraging someone to keep a messy home or room, but just thinking of a few advantages to being messy.
Cars are great for transportation and also for storing all of the trash and items that you collect during your travels. Sometimes you’ll find months old fast food bags. Other times you may find the phone charger that you bought and thought that you immediately “lost”. No matter what you find, it’s probably in your car, and it’s probably buried under heaps of other stuff. 
Messy people aren’t dumb: they realize that it takes time to clean up after themselves and are saving those precious minutes and hours to do with as they please. Maybe they can spend another hour in bed. Maybe they can watch some news on TV. 
Either way, it’s more important than cleaning and who is going to stop whatever they are doing to pick up socks off the floor…OK, granted – no one is going to look at your messy room and say, “Wow, how stylish!” But keeping the door shut and the mess hidden may get you through for another month.
Still, messy is becoming more fashion forward and as more people lose motivation to remain crisp and clean in all facets of life, messy living will only become more and more embraced. Messy wardrobe and messy hair today; messy room and messy house tomorrow! 
Sometimes it is socially correct to be messy, especially when you are eating hot wings or juicy barbequed ribs.  Well, they just would not taste good without them dripping down our arms.
A lot of the dress styles are now messier and you can pay over $50 for a pair of jeans which are  made to look faded and old. We can get our hair cut in messy styles. There are some hair cuts which are really becoming which are actually cut to give you that wind blown look.
Personally, I hate to clean out my messy purse. Even though it has expired coupons, receipts, 3 tubes of lipstick, mints, old gum and a left over sandwich, I still don’t like ridding it out because then I cannot find anything.
If something gets left on the floor or buried beneath clothing, when it’s found again, it’s almost like it’s brand new and you just got it! And have you ever done laundry and find some money in an unchecked pocket? I have done this with coats and sweaters and usually thank God for a blessing. So being messy doesn’t mean you are dirty, and does have advantages. Messy people tend to be more laid back and here is a thought, “If you are messy, don’t worry, just be happy and enjoy your “stuff.”
What’s in your purse or pocket? Have you ever found money in a pocket? I am not really a messy person but I do like ripped jeans, messy hair doos, and eating juicy ribs with sauce running down my  arms, do you? Let me know and “I’ll give you a Penny For Your Thoughts!”
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