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Stunt Car From Fast & Furious Is The World's Worst Lamborghini Murcielago – HotCars

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The Italian supercar purchase is an interesting story and a lesson in buying used performance machines.
Back in 2019, Tavarish built a Lamborghini Murcielago that was from the Fast & Furious movie franchise – the YouTuber restored the car which then went to SEMA and the Petersen Automotive Museum.
Afterwards, however, Tavarish vowed to never do something like that again because it was so time-consuming and expensive.
Fast-forward to today, and Tavarish has a video on his YouTube Channel that documents his purchase of another Lamborghini Murcielago supercar from the Fast & Furious films.
Tavarish's Lamborghini is a 2003 model that served as a stunt car in the Fast & Furious 8 film.
This is a real Murcielago built at the Lamborghini factory and given an authentic VIN number. It was later acquired by Veilside the custom car modifiers who used it as a demonstrator car.
VeilSide installed a body kit and spoiler which cost $17,000, along with 'LP 46' taillights which cost $5,000 – they also gave this Lambo a custom black on red interior.
This car eventually got into an accident; thus, it received a salvage title and then later a rebuilt title. After that, the producers of the Fast & Furious acquired this car for the eighth version of that film: it was one of 3 Murcielagos used in that movie.
After filming wrapped, this Lamborghini Murcielago was then used in the Fast & Furious live arena show that toured throughout Europe; that show was like Disney on Ice for cars – the cars would do stunts in front of live audiences.
It was imperative for the cars used in these shows to be reliable, so they removed the Lamborghini V12 engine from this Murcielago and installed a Jaguar 3.0-liter AJ30 V6 motor mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.
A stock 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago's V12 engine produces 571 hp – the V6 engine installed in Tavarish's car made 231 hp in the Jaguar X-type.
The benefit of the Jaguar motor is it is easier to maintain, and parts are readily available at auto parts stores in the United Kingdom.
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Nankang custom-made the tires for this car, so it could do burnouts without producing tire smoke or leaving black marks on the stage floor – that is why the tires on this particular Murcielago have an off-white color to the contact patch.
After the tour was over, this Lamborghini went into an abandoned warehouse. It then went through a poor paint job and suffered through body filler treatment which should never happen to carbon fiber body parts.
Opening the front trunk reveals a fuel tank that sends gas to the Jaguar engine. Spotty workmanship is visible all throughout the inside of the trunk. The trunk door holds together with welds using parts that could have come from Home Depot.
Tavarish is able to start up the car using the Toyota key fob, but then the engine dies a little bit later. A second effort to start the car is successful and Tavarish drives to an open field.
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He does a few donuts in the open pasture before the engine cuts out again.
Further, attempts to restart the Italian supercar fail, and then Tavarish spends the rest of the video noticing the atrocious condition of the interior as well as other examples of where the car suffered through shoddy attempts to repair it after the accident.
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