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10 things We Now Know About The All-New 2023 Dodge Hornet – HotCars

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Dodge claims it’ll be the quickest and most powerful utility vehicle under 30K, and it’ll also be offered with an amazing GLH performance package.
Dodge, actively looking to get back in the small SUV market, is presenting the 2023 Hornet. Much smaller and more economical than the bulky Dodge Durango, the Hornet is quick and powerful for a compact utility vehicle. Unlike the Dodge Journey, which did not make it past 2020, the Hornet stands out. Looking to make good on mistakes in the past, Dodge is completely changing gears.
A sleek, fast and exciting vehicle. The Hornet looks set to make up for past failures like the Journey. Dodge will be offering the Hornet in various different models and price ranges. One thing is for sure, the Hornet looks poised to take Dodge toward the top of the compact utility vehicle group. Here are 10 things that we already know about the 2023 Dodge Hornet.
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Depending on the model you are looking for, the price range of the Hornet will vary. All models of the Hornet will be somewhere between $30,000 and $40,000. The base model, the Hornet SXT, will start at approximately $30,000. On the other end of the spectrum, the top-of-the-line model, the Hornet Citadel, tops out at around $40,000.
In comparison to other vehicles in its class, we expect the Hornet to be quite competitive in sales. Having opened for orders in August, Dodge expects the GT to hit dealer showrooms in late 2022. Other more expensive models will be arriving later in 2023.
We know that Dodge will be releasing five different models, including the SXT and the Citadel. Other than those, there are the GT, R/T, and GT Plus models. Five different models will surely have a lot to offer for everyone, whether you are looking for the economic option or the high end. The hybrid option, the R/T, adds another element to Dodge making a comeback in the CUV.
Five different options gives drivers many factors to consider when purchasing the Hornet. The positive side of that is there will be options to satisfy anyone's tastes. If you are looking for some power in the Hornet, look no further than the GT.
The GT Model packs a decent punch with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 265 Horses. The GT Model, priced at about $32,000, is a nice option for someone who likes a little more power. Direct fuel injection and engine stop-start technology combine for dynamic performance and low emissions.
If that isn't enough power for you, you are in luck. The GT comes with a Sport Mode, a quick flick of the switch located on the steering wheel and the driver can tap into extra power. This feature helps the GT go from 0 to 60 mph in under 7 seconds.
Currently, there are zero plug-in hybrid options in CUV category. Another big plus for Dodge, expanding their market and creating more options for more customers. Drivers will have three different modes to select from in the hybrid department. Hybrid Mode, Electric Mode, and E-Save Mode.
The Hybrid option allows maximum combined efficiency of both the engine and the e-Motor. Minimizing fuel consumption and prioritizing electricity. The Electric Mode goes all-electric with zero emissions mode and switches to hybrid when it needs more power, via the driver pedal. The third option is the E-Save Mode which gives priority to the conventional engine with an option to help recharge the battery.
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The 10.3-inch infotainment screen will be a standard for all models, slanted slightly towards the driver. Along with that a 12.3-inch digital display using the Uconnect 5 system. The Uconnect 5 system is already in operation in models like the Ram 1500 and the Chrysler Pacifica.
The Hornet's infotainment system is also compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon's Alexa. The GT Plus and R/T models come with an additional 14-speaker Harmon/Kardon stereo and a wireless smartphone charging pad.
According to Dodge, the "entry-level Dodge Hornet GT model is the industry's quickest, most powerful utility vehicle under 30k". Dodge loaded the GT with the Hurricane4 engine, offering 265-plus HP and 295 lb.-ft of torque. The GT model takes care of the need for speed for those drivers who like to hear the engine purr.
Clearly, Dodge is taking no chances, they want to break back into the small SUV field, and they want to set the tone. The Hornet is creating some buzz with the distinctive Dodge combination of muscular styling wrapped around best-in-class standard performance.
You may notice some similarities between the Alfa Romeo Tonale and the new Hornet. That is because they are not-so-distant relatives under the same blanket of ownership. The production of the 2023 Hornet GT will be in Naples, Italy. Dodge looking to the Italians for some style is not a bad idea if you ask most people.
Looking at them side by side, you can easily see the similarities. The interior will be more of the same, scoring more style points from the Italians. Relatively simple but quite stylish, the Hornet's interior is sure to win the favor of future owners.
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The all-new Hornet will come in 7 different exterior hues. Once again, Dodge is looking to give buys plenty of options with an aim to keep every audience happy. The 7 different hues are unique color names, ranging from Acapulco Gold to 8 Ball. Dodge opting for a more exotic look to keep the trend of futuristic going.
Modern colors are in and the classics of older days are on their way out. Some other colors not mentioned are Blue Bayou, Blue Steele, Gray Cray, Hot Tamale, and Q Ball. Interesting color names for an interesting car. In today's market, car companies are always looking for an edge, no matter how slight. Picking unique colors is just one more way Dodge looks to stand out from the pack.
You might be wondering what exactly a "PowerShot" is. So, the PowerShot is a feature of the Hornet R/T that allows drivers to enable a 15-second boost enabled by pulling both shift paddles. And what exactly does the 15-second boost provide? 15-seconds of 25HP.
The PowerShot is yet another feature that gives the driver that much more power behind the wheel. The boost extends the normal 265 HP, above 285 HP. This boost also cuts down the 0 to 60 mph timing. When a driver engages the PowerShot the 0 to 60 mph-time drops about a half second. Just one more feature to scratch the need for speed.
Dodge claims they are "disrupting the status quo of the CUV segment". How you may ask? "A swarm of class-exclusive and best-in-class performance features." Dodge boasts the best-in-class front and rear independent suspensions. This features an optimized front MacPherson and a rear 3-link Chapman suspension. The Hornet also has best-in-class dynamic torque vectoring and best-in-class weight distribution (R/T Phev Model).
Some class-exclusive features include the Koni frequency selective damping shocks, which improve the drivability of the vehicle. The four-piston front fixed calipers provide the "ultimate braking power." Finally, the Hornet offers class-exclusive brake-by-wire intelligent braking. This technology aims to provide dependability under various conditions and terrains.
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