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Hot Wheels Unleashed has cars of all shapes and sizes, but not all mini speedsters are created equal. These are the best.
Hot Wheels Unleashed is a great arcade racer that looks absolutely gorgeous to boot. The game might seem rather silly with its focus on toy cars and the like, but the fact is that Unleashed has excellent AI that makes racing quite a challenge even in single-player, with its litany of tracks spread across different backdrops being a treat in its own right.
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Of course, it would be impossible to talk about Hot Wheels Unleashed without mentioning the vast number of cars that you can control in this game. From realistic cars to goofy-looking models that are pretty fun to drive, all these cars have their own unique quirks and there are several that you can choose to make the game feel almost completely different.
Fans of F1 know just how powerful these speed demons really are. Suffice it to say, a car based on one of the fastest vehicles in the real world would definitely bag a spot on this list.
The Formula Flashback is an excellent vehicle to check out in the game, although you should try and avoid it for tracks that are curvier than most. The straight-line speed of this car is great and the biggest reason why you should use it on appropriate circuits.
Back to the Future is one of the most iconic movies of all time. The DeLorean used in the movie as a time machine is the stuff of legends and as a result, it has been referenced in countless games, and you can use this car in the game as well!
The fact that this car is in Hot Wheels Unleashed is pretty neat, with the novelty of driving this car more than making up for any of its performance-based drawbacks. Of course, that's not to say that the car itself isn't quick — it's a great all-rounder that you can use for most circuits, but don't expect the performance to be truly mind-blowing.
It's only a given that a car that is basically a rocket engine on wheels would be one of the fastest vehicles in Hot Wheels Unleashed. This is precisely the case with RocketFire, which boasts an incredible level of speed.
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RocketFire isn't the easiest car to handle, but racers who prioritize speed over everything else will have a great time with this vehicle. Of course, just like any other vehicle, upgrading this car is paramount to enjoying the best version of it.
Hot Wheels Unleashed partnered with DC to add a set of cars based on its many superheroes to your garage. There are no awards for guessing which superhero car is the fastest of the bunch.
The Flash is an iconic hero who needs no introduction, with his speed being his biggest asset. So, it goes without saying that the car based on this hero in Unleashed is also extremely fast in its own right.
True to its name, the Exotique is easily one of the more unique-looking cars in the game. It looks like a futuristic speed demon and certainly justifies the moniker once you use this vehicle in a race.
This vehicle is extremely fast and boasts great acceleration as well. You just need to be a bit mindful during corners, since a single mistake can lead to you losing all your momentum.
Sometimes, you don't want to drive a car because it has the highest stats. Rather, it's because the novelty of driving certain cars simply outweighs their actual usefulness. The Batmobile is a great example of this.
Driving around in a Hot Wheels version of the Dark Knight's roadster is a blast, especially since the car handles pretty well too. In terms of stats, the Batmobile might be overshadowed by a few other cars but a few upgrades more than make up for its deficiencies while letting you enjoy the feeling of using this iconic car to win race after race!
Another IP that Hot Wheels collaborated with for Unleashed is Looney Tunes. Road Runner is one of the characters on this show who is extremely fast, and it's easy to see why the car based on this character shares many of its characteristics too.
Not only does this car look pretty hilarious, but it also boasts excellent acceleration, speed, and handling. The only thing this car is weak on is the brakes, which means that you'll need to be pretty careful while using this car on a course that has several twists and turns.
The Dragon Blaster is a car that is tough to control but reaches incredible speeds when used properly. It's one of the fastest cars in the game… even if you can't really rely on this vehicle in tracks with tight corners.
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The biggest problem with the Dragon Blaster is that trying to drift at high speeds will cause the car to completely spin out of control. You need to slow the car down if it's going too fast unless you want to give up a valuable track position.
Hot Wheels Unleashed has its fair share of car models that exist in real life, including the 2020 Koenigsegg Jesko. Given the reputation of this car manufacturer when it comes to fast cars, it's easy to see why using this vehicle in the game is almost a cheat code for success.
Zooming around the track with this car makes for a great time indeed, with the full potential of this car being unleashed through upgrades. The 2020 Koenigsegg Jesko is almost perfect in every department and will definitely become your favorite car for a long while when you manage to unlock it!
24 Ours is easily one of the best cars in the Hot Wheels universe and can be found in Unleashed too. Not only does this car absolutely blast off with its high acceleration, but it's also able to maintain top speeds through corners that most other vehicles can only dream of.
The best part about the 24 Ours is its handling, with the car swerving around the track like a dream without too many issues. It's the perfect car to tackle pretty much every stage in the game.
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