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Watch These 2 Plymouth Barracudas Battle It Out At The Drag Strip – HotCars

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RPM Army shows Honkin Hemi go toe to toe with Karolina Kuda for a crazy sibling rivalry showdown at the track.
Here’s a drag race that perhaps one day will become an extinct pleasure – a duel between two classic gasoline cars from the end of the swinging sixties. As these cars get more scarce and sustainability law tightens its grasp on automobiles, we might not be able to enjoy classic muscle cars for too much longer.
The short – very short – video comes courtesy of YouTube channel RPM Army and features two Plymouth Barracudas in a straight-up drag race. Spoiler alert – there are no quarter-mile times but this is classic gearhead entertainment – noise, drama, and the only thing missing is the smell of rubber, oil, gasoline, and cooking burgers.
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It’s a novelty and a pleasure to still see two old-timers duke it out on the drag strip and when they arrive in their multicolor splendor it’s something to behold.
The two have the names ‘Honkin Hemi’ and ‘Karolina Kuda’ and both are second-generation Plymouth Barracuda pony cars with the iconic front grille and these are also fastbacks.
They feature hood scoops, fat rear tires, and are ready to rock. The Barracuda of this vintage runs from around 1967-1969 where it would feature an array of engines from a 6-cylinder to large V8s.
It is a Super Stock category race and the classic pony cars presumably have extensive modifications, but we’ll have to just imagine what’s going on under the hoods – favorite ways for people to extract power include but are not limited to turbochargers, superchargers, high-octane fuel, and lightweight parts for the powertrain/drivetrain.
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Nowadays, some Plymouth Barracudas might get kept for gentle Sunday drives, but these live for life in the fast lane. After some preparation, the cars roll out onto a terrain they know all too well; as RPM Army says in the video’s description:
“JEGS SPEEDWeek is a week-long event at National Trail Raceway that combined the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series division 3 event and JEGS SPORTSNationals. There were over 600 cars in the pits and hosted many of the well known NHRA classes including Super Stock, Stock Eliminator and Top Alcohol”.
There is a wait for the cars to align and the tree to turn green, but when it does, you won’t miss the Barracudas launch – it’s worth watching the video just for the pre-race tension and the wheelies popping at the green light. While we don't see the results, it does appear that Honkin Hemi gets a better launch and finishes with the win.
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