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Wearables will drive the Health and Lifestyle markets – Times of India

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The digital revolution gained momentum during the pandemic. Today we want access to information and entertainment on the tips of our fingers, especially in the health and lifestyle sectors. Wearable technology is the new trend and it is changing the way people use and interface with devices.
Ask any consumer and the answer will always be the same. Smart technology makes life easier and better. Wearables have become synonymous with smart tech and more and more people are shifting towards these devices. Take the figures estimated for the year.
According to IDC, the Indian wearable market will ship 13.9 million units by 2022, with a CAGR of 20.1 percent (IDC). The report further states that the market’s growth is being fueled by both rising demand for discounts and the introduction of new products across all channels. As a result, there has been a noticeable increase in the adoption of the category of connected devices as people seek cutting-edge technological solutions to assist them in their daily activities.
The growing demand for smart wearables
Digitization has revolutionized businesses across all sectors. This is the dominant force today and it drives brands to develop and market high quality products that are customer centric. The way these needs are mined is an expensive affair. It requires research, development and a lot of on-the-ground testing. Suggestions and ideas need to be evaluated and then incorporated into working products to see their viability, which takes time and considerable investments. The brands that are willing to go this extra mile are the ones that reap the benefits.
In the Smart Wearables range one of the more important segments is Smart Hearables. These include headphones, earphones and earbuds. Today these devices incorporate a Hybrid technology that offers the features of smart devices in a different form. The deliver all the entertainment you want while connecting to your other devices and becoming a one point interface. Through Bluetooth these Smart Hearables connect to your phone and give you total control over it. You never have to take your phone out as you have voice control to use all the functions. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to possibilities. Smart Hearables also track movement, biometrics and proximity through sensors and assist connected smart devices in understanding the context of the user’s behavior. All the information is being put to good use as business are now focusing on developing sophisticated equipment for rigorous workouts and lifestyle choices with added features.
Features that customers are looking for
Loaded is how every Smart Hearable describes itself. But this is a little farfetched. Despite there being a flood of brands and products only a few deliver features that genuinely meet expectations. And when it comes to Health and Lifestyle the numbers fall even further. Here are the features that truly go into creating a high-quality experience for the consumer
This is paramount! People today used their headphones for long hours and comfort is not something that they are willing to compromise on. Fortunately brands today are investing in design and better materials to ensure they deliver. All the tech marvels today come enclosed in forms that ensure a better fit, there is no slipping, no ear pain and no loss of audio quality because of a sub optimal form. The use of better materials have also resulted in much lighter models. This shedding of weight has resulted in less fatigue and the elimination of neck aches. For the health conscious who use their devices while working out in the gym, jogging and other activities have also benefited from the materials used. Sweat, dust and all the other things life throws at you are no more a problem. Comfort also includes ease of use. Controls now are more intuitive so that users can learn them faster.
Water resistance
This is another feature that has changed the way we use headphones. The great outdoors have now been opened for all of us and our entertainment. Products today are built to withstand drizzles and can take on sweat. Water resistance also has a hygiene benefit. Devices today can be cleaned easily. This means people don’t hesitate to use their headphones to the max.
Audio quality
While we all look for more features, audio quality is the first box that needs to be ticked. Without audio quality these products have no reason to exist. People who adopt technology use it all the time. This can be seen all around us. More and more people can be seen wearing headphones while traveling, work and relaxing. These headphones become the focal point that enables all the other devices connected to it. The outputs from all these needs to be managed intelligently. So headphones today make sure that when you get a call in the middle of a movie you know you will have a perfect conversation without the need to adjust anything. Audio safety is another aspect that the better brands have built in. Now maximum volumes are controlled and there are warning before you can go any higher. When you pump up the volume the sound is raised gradually and without any nasty spikes.
Noise cancellation
The future is here! Noise cancellation is a fantastic bit of technology that enhances the user experience to never before levels. What is and how does it work? Well, it is simple, noise cancellation is, as the name suggests, a technology that removes ambient sounds to give the listener a pure experience without any outside disturbances. MICs pick up ambient sound and instantly create the opposite wavelength to cancel it. This works perfectly in airport, stations, on the metro, in cars and planes, and all other noisy places life takes us to. With Noise cancellation we don’t have to shout above the noise to be heard. We don’t need to ask people to repeat themselves. What I find the best is that noise cancellation gives you the freedom to be anywhere and still not have to compromise on sound quality.
There are many versions of noise cancellation technology today. ENC, ANC, Hybrid ANC… Each has its own advantages and consumers are smart enough to choose the one that suits their needs and lifestyles.
The revolution has started
Yes, it has! And it is gaining momentum. Brands are ramping up their ranges and upgrading their products to offer better options. And consumers are taking full advantage of this. Another factor fueling this growth is low prices. Smart Wearables today cost way less than you can imagine. In some instances, the entry point is less than that of a regular audio product. Brands are also making sure they adopt and adapt technologies as fast as possible. The marketing of these products includes informing and educating consumers about all the new possibilities. Especially in the health and lifestyle areas.
To sum it all up, Smart Wearables are here to stay. This is just the beginning, and we are going to see more and more products in the sector. And all of them are going to change the way we live our lives and give us the ability to do more with our time.
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Views expressed above are the author’s own.
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